4R's Wish List

4R's researches up-to-date materials and new resources for students, parents, and teachers. We would gratefully accept the following items on our wish list, or a donation towards them. Charitable donation receipts may be issued for such donations. Please let us know which items you have chosen so that there are no duplications.

Visit 4R's Amazon Wish List for suggestions to help us out. Some titles may also be available at chapters.ca.

Informative Books for Parents and Teachers:

* The Myth of the ADD Child - Dr. Armstrong
* Smart Moves - Carla Hannaford
* The Dominance Factor - Carla Hannaford
*The Complete Learning Disabilities Handbook: Ready-to-use Strategies... - Joan M. Harwell
* Switching On: The Whole Brain Answer to Dyslexia - Dennison
* Edu-K for Kids - Dennison
* Use Both Sides of Your Brain - Tony Buzan
* Is the Left Brain Always Right? - Clair Cherry, Douglas Goodwin, and Jesse Staples
* Boy Smarts: Mentoring Boys for Success at School - Barry MacDonald
* The Gift of Literacy for the Multiple Intelligences Classroom (Paperback) - Evelyn English and Sue Schumer
* Raising Boys in a New Kind of World - Michael Reist
* The Woman Who Changed Her Brain - Barbara Arrowsmith-Young

Teaching Aids and Children's Library:

* Temple Grandin (DVD)
* The Tangrams Pack - Randy Crawford
* Any Dennis Lee Poetry Book
* How Difficult Can This Be? DVD - Richard Lavoie

Additional Furnishing Requirements:

* picnic tables with attached seating
* egg timers
* book ends
* vacuum cleaner

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