Volunteer Opportunities

4R's depends on the support of the community and its volunteers. Volunteer opportunities abound and new helpers are welcomed and greatly appreciated. Your time is invaluable to us!

To volunteer with us, please complete the attached volunteer form and submit to 581 McPhee Avenue; Courtenay, BC; V9N 2Z7 or e-mail to 4rs@4rseducation.com

A Parent's Perspective

Why should we volunteer when we are already paying for the service?

When we receive a request for help from the school to drive for a field trip, or bake for a fund raiser, do we not do our best to meet those requests?

The Teachers and Administrators at the school are paid professionals. We have to supply very specific school supplies, individual course fees, and occasionally the cost for a field trip. Whether our child attends public school or is home schooled we support the school system with our taxes. So why do we drive to the Cumberland Museum, or bake yet another batch of chocolate chip cookies at 11:00 pm? We may feel that we have no choice but I feel the reason is because we want to assist our child and help make their education a positive experience.

The previous statement is truly emphasized by the fact that our child attends 4R's Tutoring Society. For various reasons we have been unable to receive the assistance our child needs within the school system.

If we support a system that has a regular, steady source of financial support, why are we so hesitant to give freely of our time and talents to an organization that we sought out and made a conscious choice to enroll our child in?

We want the best for our child!

Thank you.

P.S. I do work outside the home and my child does not receive Fee Assistance. I believe it is in both my child's and my best interest to give back to an organization that has given my child so much.

4R's says: we hope you do too - we need your time and help!

Volunteer opportunities include:

Ways you can give include:

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