The History and Growth of 4R's

After four years of teaching students in their own homes, implementing programmes designed by one teacher assessor who was also a parent of a child with a learning disability (see a student's story), a large step forward was taken. In the early spring of 1993 a group of teachers and interested parents altered the name Remedial Tutoring, by which they had become known, to register under a new one - the 4R's Tutoring Society. They were given charitable non-profit status (Registration Number: BN 898870530 RR0001). Under the guidance and help of an enthusiastic and dedicated volunteer board, the stated goal of the society became - and remains to this day - ‘to help students reach their true potential through providing positive and successful learning experiences.' An additional aim was to provide financial assistance for those families whose income would otherwise preclude them from accessing the one-on-one expert help being offered.

After launching under its new name, and as the word spread and demand grew, it became necessary to pool resources and begin to look for a more central location. This was provided at nominal cost by a grateful parent in real estate and, in 1997, became the operational centre for the next two years. Still the demand increased, so the search began for a more permanent location. Thanks to the custom-designed renovations of older homes, generously provided by a local benefactor, who had volunteer help from many people including a local Rotary Club, two further moves were made - in the fall of 1999 and again in 2001 - and, in the spring of 2003, an addition was added. This has given 4R's a deceptively large yet friendly ‘home' - unlike a school, yet with 12 individual classrooms, an assessment room, library, computer area, conference/meeting room, reference/supply room, and an open office/reception area.

As of the 18th of September 2006, the 4R's Tutoring Society became 4R's Education Centre (Soc.). We feel this new name better reflects the wide range of services we offer - much more than "just" a tutoring service.

The 4R's Education Centre (Soc.) believes that every child can learn no matter how severe a learning difficulty they may have. Many of our students are active, inquisitive, and creative thinkers whose feeling of self-worth has often suffered as they have struggled with the more formal approaches of a classroom. We believe that true self-esteem comes from happiness and acceptance of oneself, one's relationships with others and with personal accomplishments. We work with students to increase skills as well as help them to understand their abilities and needs, teaching them strategies and skills to increase their success in other venues. Over the years 4R's has become synonymous with successful learning and increased self-esteem. The friendly and experienced teachers create a relaxed, consistent and supportive environment where many negative feelings become positive, and learning takes place happily. Taking learning styles into account, individualized programmes are designed and taught one-on-one in single classrooms using many innovative approaches and skill reinforcing games. Parents are welcomed and supported in their goals to provide their children with what ‘works best for them.' If requested, teachers are often in contact with classroom teachers; they will also attend school-based meetings as advocates, which can be a relief to parents who themselves have grown up with learning difficulties and find that ‘meeting the teacher' can be somewhat intimidating.

4R's serves a wide area; although the majority of our students are from the Comox Valley, we have had students from just north of Nanaimo to Campbell River. In the summer, we have had students from Port Hardy, Gold River and various islands, as well as across from Powell River and even from Hawaii.

581 McPhee is a happy place where successful learning happens.
Come and see us sometime!

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