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Jon's* Story
   In grade 4, Jon was diagnosed with a severe learning disability. He had been acting out in class to cover up that he was discouraged and felt 'dumb' - even when there were many indications that he was very bright.
    His single parent could not afford private help for him but, through funds available from donations, he was able to attend 4R's for over a year.
    After successfully completing high school with a "good B+ average", Jon is currently enrolled at BCIT to become a certified auto-mechanic using funds he saved over the years from his part time jobs. His confidence in overcoming his difficulties, and his drive to forge ahead and fund his own education is a positive example for all our students.
    "I never believed I could do it until I came to 4R's and it was fun learning!" he grins.

Kerry's* Story
    Kerry was placed in a class for the gifted in grade 5, but in grade 6 was excluded when she failed to measure up in her reading and writing skills. Unable to keep up appearances, she withdrew behind a curtain of untidy hair, mumbling and looking at the floor when spoken to, and hiding spelling difficulties with messy writing and scribbling.
    According to Kerry's mother, the 4R's was "the source of Kerry gaining skills, strategies, and self esteem that will see her through her lifetime." 4R's was "the life line that rescued her daughter." After working with 4R's, Kerry went on to complete her schooling through distance education and obtained her grade 12 at the age of 15. Although she attended beauty school locally and met all the requirements, she was deemed too young for final certification. She then went on to attend three years of schooling at the Victoria College of Arts, and now, at 21 years old, Kerry is attending a 4th year of arts school in Cyprus and enjoying European travel and culture.

   * names changed to protect privacy

Making a Donation to 4R's

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If you wish to make a donation by mail, download and print our donation form to be included with your donation; or, feel free to drop in to visit us and make your donations in person. Your donations go toward:

- assisting those who cannot afford to pay fees;
- providing additional programmes such as summer camps;
- providing information and workshops for parents;
- upgrading materials

Thank you to:

  • the Comox Valley Book Friends for their ongoing support - their donation this year has enabled us to purchase a new desktop computer and monitor
  • Sneakers Computers (now merged with ACS Computer Solutions), who always make sure we get the best deal and build our computers for us
  • the Comox Valley Community Foundation for the funds to purchase a projector and screen
  • the Dr. David Carmichael Memorial Fund, held at Vancouver Foundation
  • the Comox District Consumer's Co-op

  • We acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.

    Some of our students and teachers were excited to demonstrate our new
    T-stools to Charlene Reinisch from First Insurance. Many thanks to
    First Insurance for donating them!

    Kelly Finlayson, Board Chair, thanks Justin Lafortune of Chances Playtime Gaming for their support.

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